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Posts published in “Day: May 21, 2007”

If we did do this, theoretically

Dino Rossi

Dino Rossi

Dino Rossi sure sounds like a man who wants to run for governor again next year. His quote to moderate Republicans at Wenatchee was, “I tell you what, if we did do this again, theoretically, we’re going to need you and everyone you know. You and everyone that you know.”

A piece about his near-campaign in the Tacoma News Tribune also says he plans to announce his plans by year's end. He may need to quit hedging before that. This cycle is speeded up, weirdly so, to the point that in many major races, candidates are being pressed hard to fish/cut by Independence day at the latest. That would be absurdly early in most cycles. In this one, with so many candidates entering so early, a lot of money and support is likely to be tied up long before year's end. Under those circumstances, Rossi would be hobbling his campaign by waiting so long, if he does ultimately run. And because other Republicans are awaiting his answer before making any moves of their own, he'd be hobbling campaign campaigns if he opts out.

That he wants to do it seems clear enough, but he also seems held back. And that may be because the race would be tough - not impossible, but tough. In 2004 he benefited from a number of factors unlikely to repeat next year: A Democratic Gregoire campaign that fired on only half its cylinders, that didn't spend time or money especially well and took too much for granted, that could dovetail with an absolutely top-line Republican organization (not likely, on the evidence of 2006, to be fully matched in 2008), and his own almost mistake-free campaign that took Attorney General Christine Gregoire by surprise. There'll be no surprising her this time, or any underestimation, considering Gregoire has raised a large pile of money already. Opposing an incumbent governor is never easy. And Rossi, a fresh face in 2004, would be a rerun candidate next year. And 2008 still looks to be a strong Democratic year, more like 2006 than 2004. And the state's political environment has changed: The King County eastside, still mostly Republican in 2004, now - considering the last round of elections - is mostly Democratic.

None of this necessarily is fatal to a Rossi candidacy, or to say that he won't run. But we suspect these are some of the considerations that may be giving him pause at least.

The gangs of Rupert

Aquarter-century or so ago in another life, your scribe was writing editorials for the Pocatello Idaho State Journal, and on one occasion blasted - sarcastically - at the then-sheriff of Bingham County, who was trying to persuade county officials of his need for a collection of Uzis. For security. Doubtless needed, we suggested, to battle back against all those counter-insurgent forces at Firth.

Still, small and rural community law enforcement isn't always a simple matter, and it can become as violent as the urban variety, as the shooting spree at Moscow last weekend demonstrated.

And certainly we were struck by the report delivered last week by Rupert police officer Sam Kuoha to his city council, of gang activity around Burley and Rupert. From the South Idaho Press: "Though he said he was not at liberty to name specific gangs, Kuoha said those in area gangs fall into five basic categories: southern California, northern California and Chicago Hispanic gangs; motorcycle gangs; and miscellaneous groups that have not been designated as gangs but are cause for concern, such as white supremacist and eco-terrorist groups. Kuoha said activities commonly associated with each group vary somewhat. For example, he said, Hispanic gangs are known for vandalism and burglary while motorcycle gangs take part in prostitution and murder for hire."

Five categories . . .