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Including or not

Maybe the fact that Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich spent more time in Oregon in 2004 than any other presidential candidate led to the inquiry at the Oregonian. Which was: Why no news coverage of Kucinich’ introduction of articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney? (At least, until after a bunch of readers inquired.)

The answer is, basically, that national wire services and other news sources had little if anything to say about it: “No wire service purchased by The Oregonian filed a story on Kucinich filing the articles of impeachment. Not one wrote an article about it, or budgeted it.” The editor’s blog item is worth a scan about how these things work.

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  1. Joe Moran Joe Moran April 30, 2007

    The truth of the matter is the American mass media, as a whole, is not actually interested in reporting the news, but in letting the American people know exactly ” what the government would have them believe.” Some proofs of this are the refusal by our media talking heads to publish the ” Downing Street papers” or their refusal to cover the massive world wide demonstartions against the Bush/Blair genocidal war in Iraq. Why did the American media ignore the Israeli suicidal bomber caught inside the US Congress? The Wash. Post was the only publication to give this terror plot ” buried lines.” The US news agency’s are owned and operated by the same groups that financially own the US Congress and presidency thru their lobbyists. Rep. Kucinich has at least challenged that un-American stance by our news networks. He is both a patriot and a dedicated American Congressman neither of which please our so-called ” News” organisations!

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