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Feeling a draft

We have said before and say again, that it’ll likely take a powerfully persuasive argument – especially on the matter of money – to get Representative Peter DeFazio into the race for Senate.

But you can’t say the effort isn’t being made.

You can check out the state of it at Draft DeFazio For Senator from Oregon!, a just-founded blog founded by the Loaded Orygun bloggers. It sums up much of the rationale for a DeFazio run against incumbent Republican Senator Gordon Smith. (Among other things, it’s a reflection on how the net can directly influence political action, and political decisions.)

On a semi-related note, we were wandering around downtown Eugene today and saw a metal announcement plate, outside the Lane County courthouse, marking ideal spot for a campaign announcement for a Senate run, should DeFazio make one.

Morse Terrace at the Lane Courthouse
Morse Terrace at the Lane Courthouse

You’ll notice that the chief official signing off the naming of the “free speech terrace”, after the recently-departed U.S. senator (who lived near Eugene and was a law professor at the University of Oregon there), was then-county commission Chair Peter DeFazio (whose Oregon residence, now as then, is in Lane County’s Springfield).

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