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LaRocco’s apparently in

Larry LaRocco
Larry LaRocco

Democrat Larry LaRocco‘s statement (not yet formal announcement) from various places (apparently originating from an interview with The Hill yesterday) that he plans to announce for the U.S. Senate next week has been prepared for; LaRocco has mentioned the possibility more than once, and even during his race last year for lieutenant governor. Assuming that materializes as expected, the former U.S. representative instantly will be the presumed Democratic nominee, likely drawing little or no serious challenge in-party.

What he faces on the Republican side, of course, is another matter.

Though there’s ample question about who that will be. Our presumption for the moment is that incumbent Republican Senator Larry Craig will be back for another run; we hear from people who’ve known him well that Congress is too much his life to simply step away from it. Until a stronger argument comes up, we’ll go with that.

But it’s not a done deal.

In his blog today, the Idaho Statesman‘s Kevin Richert (who also has a reasonable take on the race’s prospects) also posts transcript from an interview the paper did with Craig last fall when he was asked about his ’08 plans. It’s very much a one hand/other hand thing, but he did offer a pile of reasons he might not run again. There seemed to be some emphasis on age (Craig will be 63 next year – certainly not old for a run for the Senate, but time to get out if he wants to ever do anything else). And he focused on the negativity of modern campaigning, something his races never have much been (but could be in the modern environment, even apart from a prospective rough primary from former Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez).

After reviewing the transcript, Richert remarked, “if Craig ultimately decides not to run in 2008, I won’t be the least bit surprised.” We wouldn’t count ourselves stunned, either.

House side. There had been some talk about former Micron attorney Larry Grant, who ran a well-regarded race for the U.S. House last year, might try for the Senate in 2008. The Hill checked after talking with LaRocco, and Grant now says he will run for the House again “unless something extraordinary changes.”

Also not a surprise. His campaign web site, still up, seems to proclaim as much.

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