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ID Session grade

The Idaho Statesman‘s web site poll today asks the question: What grade do you give the just-concluded state legislative session?

With 514 votes in (at this writing), the self-selected poll says: A 1%, B 6%, C 24%, D 29%, F 32%.

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  1. Adam's Blog Adam's Blog April 2, 2007

    Praise for the Legislature, Boos for the Legislature

    The Idahoan points out the positives of the Idaho Legislature:

    1. Unlike the Congress, Idaho’s lawmakers meet just for a few months out of the year. Then they go home to their real jobs.

    Elliot Werk excepted, but yeah. I think it’s good that i…

  2. Chuck Butcher Chuck Butcher April 3, 2007

    Maybe some people who aren’t Republicans would help, oh sure….

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