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Posts published in “Day: March 11, 2007”

A Republican bank boycott?

On some blog recently - can't remember offhand which - came a reference to "the conservative position on immigration." That quickly drew the obvious reply: What exactly is the conservative position on immigration, legal or otherwise - and what, for that matter, would be the liberal view?

Self-described adherents to both political perspectives are well divided. On the Republican-conservative side, for example, you've got no lack of shut-the-borders/deport-the-illegals advocates. But then there's also President George Bush, who proposes something quite different, and many other Republicans - including such members of Congress as Oregon Senator Gordon Smith and Idaho Senator Larry Craig - who hold roughly similar views. Democrats and liberals, for somewhat different reasons, are also torn.

Which is leading to some interesting political activity, such as the Republican protest against (most of) the leading banks.


Open possibilities

This may fall into the category of the premature, but the politically wise oftimes are those who look a few steps ahead to the possible, not only the certain. Thus, Mike Adams' commentary today on prospective candidates for the Idaho U.S. House seat (2nd district) held by Republican Mike Simpson.

2nd district

The immediate objection is that Simpson isn't going anywhere; and the probability is that he isn't, at least not soon. But Adams, a long-time eastern Idaho Republican worker, conservative commentator and sometime candidate, points out that no one yet knows either, for sure, whether Idaho Senator Larry Craig will run next year for a fourth term. We figure the likelihood is that he will (and as Adams notes, "If Craig chooses to stay, things are not apt to change"). But as there's been no announcement yet, counter-speculation isn't out of line. And Adam's thinking, reasonably, is that if Craig opts out, there's a good chance Simpson will file to replace him. Both current Idaho Senators, as it happens, are former members of the U.S. House - there's some tradition involved. And Simpson would seem likely to win a Senate race without strain.

That much is ordinary discussion among Idaho political types. Adams' speculation today in the Idaho Falls Post-Register (online, but behind a pay wall) goes to the next move: Who are the prospects for Simpson's seat should he vacate it next year?