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DeFazio’s F-bomb

Along with the majority comes more attention, more visibility, more chances to drop the “F-bomb.” As Oregon Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio just did on the Lars Larson show at Portland.

The discussion at the time concerned DeFazio’s legislation to require congressional approval for major military action against Iran. During it, he discussed how the Bush Administration messed up – well, that was the way he put it the second time. The less elegant first time was dropped out.

Larson said at least one other elected official had let loose the forbidden word on his program (former legislator Jeff Kropf), but DeFazio was the first Democrat.

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  1. Chuck Butcher Chuck Butcher January 22, 2007

    DeFazio is a lot more eloquent than that, but BushCo really has ****ed it up badly and it would only take a second’s inattention to say something real. I find myself with tears in my eyes sometimes and that’s going some.

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