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Posts published in “Day: November 23, 2006”

Mapping the culture wars

The canvassed Idaho vote is now available, and for offices for legislative and up, and statewide ballot issues, county and precinct level vote information is now available at the secretary of state's web site in downloadable Excel spreadsheets. (As per usual, they've done a fine job getting that information out there, well ahead of many of their counterparts.)

Lots of fun things are possible with this data, of course. We got right work on one: Charting the outlines of the culture wars in Idaho.

The simplest way to do that this election is with House Joint Resolution 2, the constitutional amendment banning formal domestic relationships other than man-woman marriage. This surely drew the culture war line in Idaho as clearly as anything this election, and it may be one of the components in the Republicans' sweep of the Gem State in the teeth of a Democratic wave. Statewide, the measure passed with 63.3% - a landslide.

But it did not pass equally everywhere.