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WA results 1: A focused push

The results in so far suggest that the worst bit of campaigning tactics Dave Reichert engaged in this season was allowing himself to be photographed with George W. Bush.

We don’t yet know if that was a fatal error. King County has been frustratingly slow in its vote counts, so far – as this is written early Wednesday morning – counting not much more than half of the ballots it has in place. (And more will be coming in the mail beyond that.) So we don’t really know, yet, how the 8th district congressional race (in which Reichert is challenged by Democrat Darcy Burner) is coming out, other than that it is presently close and probably will continue to be.

We see, so far, a string of legislative races in the same general area as that district which mostly have been turning to Democrats, eviscerating what was not long ago a big Republican base on the east side of King County. But we can’t yet be sure that’s happening because the county continues to take its sweet time releasing the numbers.

Well, better accurate than early, if we must choose. But some explanation seems needed. Soon.

The Eastside seems to be the core of action, because not much else in the state seemed to change normal patterns by much. There was a lot of talk that Washington’s 5th district (based around Spokane) was up for grabs – even the Republican incumbent, Cathy McMorris, clearly thought so – but in the end she defeated Democrat Peter Goldmark decisively.

Reichert-Burner has been a lot closer. Reichert has had the edge through most of the counting, but not so much as to – yet at least – put it away.

Back before long.

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