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“Condomnation” (per The Stranger, and stranger)

The odd ness just keeps on coming. In fairness, Washington state Senator Brad Benson, R-Spokane, spoke on this subject – Planned Parenthood condoms – last spring, not last week, so he apparently isn’t trying to . . . (oh, hell, verb your own entendre) this into the campaign. But it’s pretty reflective anyway.

Brad BensonSeattle’s The Stranger weekly newspaper has posted on its web site a clip of Benson, a former state representative who was appointed to the state Senate last year to replace newly-elected Spokane Mayor Jim West, speaking to a group of backers. In his talk he said that condoms distributed by Planned Parenthood have an 80% failure rate. This is, apparently, deliberate: “They have an interest in the follow-on product. That’s why they give out 80% failure rate condoms.” The “follow-on product,” presumably, would be abortions.

Wonder which brands those are? And whether Benson has filed a complaint about the manfacturers with the attorney general’s consumer protection office? (And where, we wonder, is Idaho’s Bill Sali on this? Sounds like his kind of turf.)

Planned Parenthood, naturally, has replied that “The condoms we use are as effective as any other condoms.” Absent something resembling evidence, we’ll assume that they are.

Political question: What’s the impact now in Spokane? There, the Spokesman-Review‘s newspaper blog has noted the discussion and one poster inquires, “This seems worthy of a Spokesman-Review follow-up story for Monday, no?”

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