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Posts published in “Day: October 25, 2006”


The biggest political question in Oregon for the last several weeks - without a lot of visible poll results - is the state of play in the governor's race, between incumbent Democrat Ted Kulongoski and Republican challenger Ron Saxton.

Ted Kulongoski
Ted Kulongoski
Ron Saxton
Ron Saxton

Looks increasingly as if, after a stretch where the candidates were closely matched, the govenror has opened a substantial lead again.

We're not sure we buy the whole 11-point Kulongoski lead in the just-released Riley Research (of Portland) poll report (this copy by way of the Oregonian political blog). But, with maybe a few points shaved off, it does match other scraps of evidence we've encountered lately about the top Oregon contest. (more…)

The Final Push

We now have it definitively from the National Republican Congressional Committee: The top three U.S. House races in the Northwest - Washington 5 and 8 and Idaho 1 - are among the 33 top races in the country. All three, we know courtesy of The Hill newspaper, have placed on the NRCC's "Final Push List."

That list is about focusing financial help to specific campaigns. PAC Director Jenny Sheffield was quoted: “…it’s crucial at this point to send in some late money to some [of] our campaigns. The funds our candidates receive now will allow them to increase their TV buys and will make the difference on Nov. 7. I have attached our Final Push list for those Members and candidates most in need of support right now. If your boss has not maxed out to those on the attached list, please ask him or her to consider sending a check from a leadership PAC and/or reelection account … IMMEDIATELY!”

You sense a tone of urgency. Considering how securely Republican the three Northwest districts have been in recent elections, this is a remarkable admission (and backs up Cathy McMorris' comments last week that the Washington 5th is in play).