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Posts published in “Day: October 22, 2006”

Endorsement Sunday: wrapping up

In Oregon, ballots already are in the mail (some may have received them Saturday, most others should on Monday), so endorsements are long done. Although the Portland Oregonian is still dealing with fallout from last Sunday's gubernatorial endorsement of Republican Ron Saxton: the paper says that somewhere near 400 letters to the editor flooded in last week in protest.

Will any of these other regional endorsements generate such response?

They tend not to generate a lot of surprise.

SEATTLE TIMES/SENATE Not a big shocker, that the Times went for Republican Mike McGavick over Democratic incumbent Maria Cantwell (whom it endorsed six years ago). But the language seemed tepid. It didn't much blast Cantwell, who (it said) has a decent record, taking issue mostly with her "caution." The McGavick praise seemed a little narrow, praising mostly his spirit of innovation.

So the paper left itself open to an increasingly frequent charge, really needing to address it - as it did: "Critics will note that McGavick supports the elimination of the federal estate tax, a cause for which The Seattle Times has campaigned many years. That is part of why we endorse him, but not most of it." How much of it will be a topic for easy dispute.

SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER/SENATE Elsewhere in the same large bundle of paper on Washingtonians' doorsteps today they will find the PI's opposing take on the race. (Times goes R, PI goes D; okay, got it.) Their take, with a more definitive tone than the Times', concluded, "With America needing to fix off-track federal leadership, every Senate vote counts. Maria Cantwell is the candidate for a real change in course." (more…)