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Posts published in “Day: October 18, 2006”

OR endorse: The WW list

The longest single batch of endorsements in the Northwest is out today from Willamette Week, an entertaining read as usual but offering few surprises.

In the case of the governor's race, you pick up an air of general disgust, though in the end WW did what you'd expect and endorsed Democratic incumbent Ted Kulongoski.

Most amusing endorsement, in House 29: "Flip-flop alert: Four years ago, we endorsed Riley against Republican Mary Gallegos, who painted him as a taxaholic. He lost. When the two squared off again in 2004, we backed Gallegos, who grew a set after she was elected to the House. She lost. We're endorsing Riley this time against Republican Terry Rilling and Libertarian Scott Harwood. (And no, we're not endorsing him in the secret hope that it will cause him to lose.)"

IM in emerald town

We checked out Candidates Gone Wild in Portland on Monday, and it was good for evening of solid political standup. The downside may have been that the top two candidates for governor didn't show, but the three minor-party contenders did and proved themselves not only blessed with a sense of humor but smarts as well. (Mary Starret's segment on "Blind candi-Date" was funnier than anything we've seen in a theatre for quite a while.)

Today, we have something else. For your reading pleasure, here's Seattle Weekly's instant messaging transcripts between city officials and their interns. The parody is specific to the officials, but don't let that discourage you if you're not from Emerald Town - the barbs are clear enough on their own ...