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What not to say

For a good chunk of this year, one of the legislative races Idaho Democrats have most touted is that of Ryndy Williams, running in a Meridian district against Republican Senator Gerry Sweet.

No Democrat has won a legislative seat in that area ever, but the line went like this: Sweet has some unusually strong negatives (some on policy – conservative social issues – and some on missing a bunch of legislative meetings). Williams is running an unusually strong campaign. To our cautions that this is simply a tough district, we were told: Don’t let this one slide off your radar.

So. the first sentence of the Idaho Statesman report about this race today begins with this: “Democrat Ryndy Williams said she doesn’t expect to get elected on November 7. . . .”

If (and we’ll assume here the report is accurate) she doesn’t think so, why should anyone else? And if the race is a foregone loser, why should anyone pay attention?

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