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Under the rug

Google never forgets: Politicians should remember that and act accordingly.

Consider this page (link and pointer courtesy of Horse’s Ass), whic contains pictures of Washington 8th District Representative Dave Reichert, plus a businessman, and – former Florida Representative Mark Foley, recently resigned after being outed as a pedophile. The picture was taken in 2005, and there’s no reason to think Reichert had any idea what his colleague was up to.

You can understand why Reichert would doubtless, now, rather forget he ever met Foley. Better, though, to have posted an additional message on the existing page – something, maybe, about how you just never know about people – than to have erased it and hope no one would notice. These days, people notice.

THE FOLEYS: Curious that no one in Washington seems to have remarked yet about a curiosity of names. From 1965-95 Washington had a 5th district congressman named Foley – Tom Foley – who became speaker of the House. In 1989, a Republican National Committee staffer shopped around a memo that connected Foley’s legislative record to openly gay Representative Barney Frank’s, and suggested Foley “come out of the liberal closet.” After uproar, the staffer was fired, and the Floey/gay linkage evaporated.

Now a congressman from Florida, the far side of the country, a Republican named Foley, and … you can fill in the rest.

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