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Cantwell up by 10

Or so reads the latest poll on the Washington Senate race, by McClatchy-MSNBC. It gives incumbent Democrat Maria Cantwell 50% and Republican challenger Mike McGavick 40% – close to where they have been, on average, through most of the campaign season.

Barring some really unexpected last minute quirk, the race looks close to done. McGavick has campaigned intensively and advertised intensively, but all of his efforts have moved the needle hardly at all.

One part of the reason may appear in other results in the poll: “The poll showed sharp dissatisfaction with President Bush, his Iraq policies and Congress among Washington voters. It also showed deep concern about the future of the country, with nearly 60 percent of those surveyed believing it was headed in the wrong direction.” Our observations and what we see of polling results suggest that this election is becoming quite nationalized.

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