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Partisan balance

As this is written a couple of counties, Asotin and Skagit, are still out, as are some additional scattered precincts. But there’s enough in to get a fair idea of the partisan balance in this primary election – the first time Washingtonians have had to choose between parties in the primary.

Neither party had compelling primary contests; there’s no reason one ought to have outpolled the other based on immediate reasons. So how does the state break down?

Grand total (again, at this point, just before midnight election night): 304,208 Democratic ballots to 236,203 Republican – 49% to 38% (the remainder choosing neither party’s primary).

Most of the counties – especially most of the rural counties – held a Republican edge. Those were counterbalanced by the larger counties including King (41,761 to 14,697), Pierce (41,455 to 27,914), Snohomish (36,569 to 21,748), Kitsap (21,048 to 11,150) and Clark (27,855 to 19,816). The biggest Republican county was Spokane (26,902 to 35,055).

A playground for political analysis. We’ll be back to this.

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