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How involved

As nuts and bolts time arrives in this year’s cycle, watch for the involvement of church organizations in Republican campaigns. We’ll be watching the playout, for example, in Oregon’s House District 30, where Loaded Orygun may have caught a tax-exempt religious organization directly working on the campaign of a Republican legislative candidate.

The seat is open. The Democrat in the race is David Edwaards, the Republican Everett Curry. Loaded Orygun said that it was told about a phone calling operation in the district on behalf of Oregon Right to Life which, after checking phone numbers, traced back to the Bob Cryder Team Ministries, which has been registered as a religious organization. Such a listing allows for substantial tax advantages, and there are consequences for directly engaging in political activity.

There are questions here. The posting about the calls led to a long list of comments (worth reading), the last of which (as we read them) offered a cautionary note: Under some circumstances, a religious organization can rent out its phone lines for political groups as long as it does do in an even-handed and free-market fashion. Not knowing the rest of the details yet, we’ll contnt ourselves with watching, for the moment.

But don’t expect this will be the last post on this subject.

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