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Road signs

Road-tripping around rural Washington the last couple of days, we spotted political signs here and there, but not quite the indications of super-high interest.

Most signs we saw in driving about 500 miles of east-of-Cascades Washington highways this week, from Goldendale to Colville, were about local races. Second was judicial – the striking visibility of judicial races was especially notable in Spokane, where most of the judicial candidates had posted billboards in the central city area. (Not a commonplace.) Congressional and even legislative candidates were back in the pack.

Of course, we’re just now coming up on the primary, not the general, so that may be a factor.

Around the 5th district, from Okanogan to Republic to Spokane, we did see a number of signs. We were interested that the number of signs for incumbent Republican Cathy McMorris and challenging Democrat Peter Goldmark were roughly balanced. And the Goldmark signs were posted on a surprising number of ranch properties. Maybe his cowboy-hat image is catching on in some of those quarters.

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