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Posts published in “Day: September 9, 2006”

Sports arena documents: An update

Those following public records coulod easily burn out on the very long-running case that Armen Yousoufian has prosecuted against King County for quite a long time now. But it's worth tracking, because some significant public records issues are at stake.

The case has to do with the efforts of Yousoufian, a King County real estate businessman, to find out more about how local sports stadiums were being financed: "In 1997 I became involved in open government activism when I asked King County Executive Ron Sims for sports stadium documents. I was stonewalled." His effort to uncover what a bunch of people, evidently including a bunch of people at King County, do not want the public to know, has attracted the sympathy and support of several news organizations.

If this piques your interest at all, and it should if you have an interest in open government, run over to Yousoufian's blog, and follow the links.