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Sheldon-Lucas is up

Took a bit, but the transcript of the state Senate Democratic primary chat between Tim Sheldon, often blasted in-party as too pro-Republican, and challenger Kyle Taylor Lucas, is posted on the Olympian site.

Top reader question: “Sen. Sheldon, in the past you’ve explained some of you more controversial votes by saying the 35th District is much more conservative than other parts of Washington. This implies that your votes are based on what your district believes, rather than what you believe. What votes would have changed had you voted your conscience, rather than what you believed was the will of your district?”

His answer: “I can’t think of a bill I personally disagreed with.” Make of that what you will.

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One Comment

  1. emmettoconnell emmettoconnell August 24, 2006

    You’re right, that was a pretty good question. I was at the Thurston County Democrats meeting when he tried to distance himself from his votes, pointing out that Mason is much more conservative than Thurston County. But, there you go.

    Also during that chat he said “I never dontated money to the GOP,” but he did donate to the state Republican Senate Committee in 2002, helping the Republicans win that body.

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