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Republican endorses Democrat . . . ah . . .

Only a few weeks ago Republicans all over the country were scoffing at the idea of Democrats in Connecticut ousting their three-term U.S. senator, Joe Lieberman, because he was too close to Republicans. Ridiculous, they said. And so did many Democrats; leading Democrats from Bill Clinton on down came to campaign for him. And when Liberman lost his primary on Tuesday, and said he would continue on as a sorta-kinda independent in the general election, it would be as an independent Democrat.

Perhaps they would like, then, to explain this statement issued today from Washington’s Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Mike McGavick: “In support of Sen. Lieberman’s campaign for civility, I wish him the best, and Gaelynn and I plan on contributing to his campaign.”

Lieberman seems about to become the real Republican nominee for the Senate in Connecticut, whether he wants to be or not.

Note: Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell, McGavick’s opponent, endorsed the Connecticut primary winner, Ned Lamont, just prior to McGavick’s statement.

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