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Shot down

Very big: The Beaverton City Council has rejected the Wal-Mart development proposed for the Cedar Mill area, and they did it unanimously. And took that action after a planning commission had approved the deal.

There are other Wal-Mart development projects prowling around the Northwest, including a big one in Medford and a hotly contested proposal on the other side of the Portland metro, at Gresham. But Beaverton seems the biggest of all. This store would have been the first in Oregon’s second-largest county. The most seemed to be at stake, and Wal-Mart’s business cases seemed clearest here. This store would served a population base more typically swarmed by several stores.

The citizen group Save Cedar Mill, opposing the big box, expressed its thoughts this way: “Words fall far short in describing how we all feel. No enormous building dominating the neighborhood. No need to experience thousands of additional cars coming and going each day, none of which are vested in our community. No monster-sized intersection that makes it unsafe to cross the street. It is our sincere hope that the landowner will hear the message sent by the Council and those who live here and work with the community to build a project that is proportionate to the land, consistent with the zoning, and which will be a centerpiece for the neighborhood.”

This feels like more than just another battle.

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