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No 1 – in West Nile

Acuriousity – or is there a reason behind it? On surface at least, it seems one of the more counterintuitive health factoids around.

mosquitoHealth officials are saying that Idaho is the worst state in the nation for serious outbreaks of West Nile virus. That seems odd right on the surface. The virus is spread by mosquitos, and Idaho isn’t an especially big mosquito state – mostly, it’s dry, which tends to discourage the pests. On the other hand, this is a wetter year than most.

There is an excellent Ada County web site tracking West Nile developments in southwest Idaho, where it seems most prevalent. Statewide, as of yesterday, it shows 54 cases of West Nile determined among humans so far this year.

Not good news for the spread of this thing, for anyone in the west.

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