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Measure rundown

There’s the line of thought that in states like Oregon, where ballot issues pop up by the bushel, you’re better off voting against all of them. (There’s a good argument about just that on Blue Oregon.) Evidently, a lot of people do; something like two-thirds of them tend to fail. It’s a reasonable default situation.

That said, not all do, and not all should. And blanket voting is simply another way of saying one is unwilling to do the work of separating the crystalline from the crud.

Herewith, an early and quick rundown of the measures that make the Oregon ballot this year, our take on what lies ahead. Expect the biggest debate on Measure 48; hope for spirited debate on all, especially the most obscure (and sometimes treacherous) financial measures.

Measure Will it pass? Should it pass?
39 – No eminent domain for private sales yes yes
40 – Constitution: Elect Supreme Court, Appeals by district yes close call
41 – Allow state tax deduction equal to federal exemption unclear no
42 – Ban insurance company use of credit scores for rates yes yes
43 – Parental notification on abortion of minor children yes leaning yes
44 – Expand Oregon prescription drug program yes yes
45 – Constitution: State legislators term limits close call no
46 – Constitution: Procedure on campaign finance law probably no
47 – Campaign finance rules, adds requirements probably no
48 – Constitution: TABOR state spending limits leaning no no


Comments not only welcome, but encouraged. Consider the above a first take likedly to be extended and revised a couple of months from now.

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