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Switching sides

It’s an indication of changing times, when politicians which sides. Tony Edmondson’s change and appointment today is among the more noteworthy.

Tony EdmondsonIt would be a small point if he were new to electoral politics and if he lived in a place where Democrats were not an exotic species. In this case: Edmundson has been a local government official, on city council and (as a Republican) on county commission, f0r quite a few years, and active on a range of civic activities. And this isn’t in a place where you say lightly that you’re a Democrat: This is Weiser in Washington County, where Democrats haven’t gotten elected to the legislature in decades, seldom get winning votes for major office and aren’t often seen at the courthouse either.

“Despite my nearly 40-year identification with the Republican party, I find that my centrist views have been pushed aside,” he said in explaining the switch. (Notice was sent by e-mail; no links available yet.)

The Idaho Democrats wasted no time with their new acquisition. He will replace Robert Barowsky, a former sheriff, as candidate for state Senate in District 9, opposing Republican incumbent Monty Pearce.

Pearce, naturally, gets the odds in this very Republican district. But Edmondson’s switch changes the district’s coloration one more little bit.

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