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Posts published in “Day: July 10, 2006”

Why it’s that way

Hot conversation underway over on Oregon Media Insiders about the content of local - not just Portland, but "local" all over the country - television news. The point raised by site runner Lynn is provocative:

Viewers want crime coverage and infotainment, presented as briefly and quickly as possible. No nuance, no in-depth, just the headlines, please, and as much meth news and missing pretty white girls as possible, thanks.

Conventional wisdom, no? Focus groups all say so. Fastest growing TV station in the market revels in it, notoriously so. Must be true.

And yet, what's the most popular-with-the-demo news outlet in the market, hands down, no debate?

OPB Radio, home of longform news and information.

Just a week ago we conversed with a Boise television reporter about this general subject. The problem is all over, and the solutions less than obvious. A suggestion: Read the rapidly-filling comments section for some useful insight into why things got this way, and how things could be better. There's all too little, sadly, on how to effect change; few people seem to have a handle on that ...

Scott watch, following up

Some weeks back we noted a story in Willamette Week about Oregon House Majority Leader Wayne Scott; the Portland weekly said that the legislator had been behind legislation which benefitted a business of which he was president, Western Fireworks.

There's been but limited explosions since, some of which seem aimed - to whatever extent properly so - at clearing Scott of questions about the incident.

We still have a few questions.

But the followups are certainly worthy of notice. (more…)

Picking up pace

Some weeks ago we dinged on the independent Ben Westlund campaign for its case of the slows in doing the single most essential thing it must do right now: Gather enough valid petition signatures to win a spot on the November general election ballot.

It wasn't doing that, at least not nearly enough, for quite a while. Now, apparently, it is.

Back on June 12 we posted this:

On one (key) level, it’s a matter of math. The ballot status requirement is 18,364 valid (”perfected”) petition signatures delivered by August 29 to the secretary of state’s office. 119 days have passed since Westlund’s announcement, and the campaign’s Stacey Dycus wrote us today that 4,585 signatures have been collected. 78 days are left to collect the remaining 13,779 valid signatures - assuming every signature collected to date is valid (never, of course, a safe assumption).

Put it this way: The Westlund campaign has collected about 39 signatures a day since its launch announcement; it will have to increase that to 177 a day, every day, from here to the end of August - again, assuming every signature is valid - to make the ballot. It will have to more than quadruple its pace, as we head into the summer doldrums and interest in politics tends to slip.

That constituted a problem as we and the folks over at Loaded Orygun were noticing. Now, the campaign in fact seems to be picking up pace. (more…)