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Posts published in “Day: July 1, 2006”

What we want

As much as bloggers like to rant, and as much as many partisan bloggers like to go ballistic, there's still plenty of room for the positive - saying what we like and approve of and hope for, as well as the opposite.

Campaign season is good for coming up with the bill of goods of critcism, but why not explication of what we want and need from our candidates - from the people who will hold office next term.

With that in mind, take Tom Simpson's 10 Things I Want From My Next Governor essay on the Republican Oregon Catalyst site as a useful template. Simpson here writes about a string of substantial, serious matters facing Oregon and suggestions for how the next governor ought to handle them.

It's not exactly the same as our list (though there's a good deal of overlap). Or, probably, yours. But that's partly the point: Draft your own, and measure it against the candidates. Or, even better, tell the candidates that these are your expectations . . .