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Single-line quotes are so apt to be taken out of context that you have to be careful with them. But this one by Washington Governor Chris Gregoire was startling: “Washington is more like a small nation than a state.”

Governor Chris GregoireThe context was the recent spate of visits to the state by foreign leaders: Hu of China, Fox of Mexico and (she was announcing) Rasmussen of Denmark, and the comment was a reference to the latter’s visit.

Also, allowing Stefan Sharkansky’s easy snark, “Yes, but which small nation?
Cuba? Turkmenistan? Honduras?”

But, more substantively, it provides backdrop for the governor’s more recent statements on national security.

She said (to be sure, much as California’s Arnold Schwartznegger has done) that should not send Washington national guard troops to the Mexican border – that Washingtonians need the security help at home.

Then there was the concern expressed over the reports about North Korean rockets, powerful enough to reach the American west coast. That triggered an unusual call for getting out of Iraq.

And then, the Seattle Times David Postman quotes her as saying this:

“I’m disturbed by what we’re hearing. It is not the news that I think any of us should have to hear from North Korea and I want Washingtonians to understand the security risks to the nation and to us, but to understand that we’ve got to remain ever diligent and I ask every Washingtonian to be smart about their own personal security, and again any time they see something that raises a concern they get to law enforcement right away.”

Has all this been just an odd confluence of statements, or are we seeing some new direction in the Gregoire Administration?

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