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Waiting for an epic outcry

What might happen, one wonders, if the Oregonian were to run a story about how Portland’s conservative talk icon, Lars Larson, had been muzzled by management at his station – on request on the ad sales department?

Would it be that “should listeners get a whiff of censorship, you’ll have an outcry of epic proportions”? Maybe. And just such a report might be not far off.

That quote just above came from Brian Maloney of Inside Radio, who reported that at a recent industry seminar, “KXL Program Director James Derby stunned many in the audience by admitting outright that Lars Larson was prohibited from further criticism of a local hospital’s practices, after it complained to the station. … Making matters far, far worse, Derby admitted that it was pressure from the sales department that led to Larson’s muzzling. According to him, the hospital in question had finally signed an advertising contract after a long period of lobbying by the station. As a result, account executives weren’t happy to hear it criticized on the air.” (A hat tip to Oregon Media Insiders for the link.)

There was no immediate response from Larson, and no, there appears to be no reference to it on his web site.

Maybe, back in Portland, everyone still is trying to figure out their next move. But you can bet that someone will make one before long, and it could result in an entertaining counterpart to the Independence Day fireworks.

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