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Paying the ferryman

ferriesIf you want an example of a government agency that simply seems resistant to solving its problems, consider the example cited in today’s Peter Callaghan column in the Tacoma News Tribune:

“. . . procedures at Washington State Ferries did not give the state reasonable assurance that public money – the fares paid by passengers – was safeguarded. A ticket seller, for example, could take money from a passenger but not sell them a ticket. No one checks passengers to make sure they have tickets. And no one counts the cars and passengers and compares that total to the fares actually sold. Washington ferries collect about $130 million a year in fares.”

This was not some crackpot allegation: This was an official finding of the state auditor almost 20 years ago. The incumbent auditor, Robert Sonntag, has been issuing reports to Washington State Ferries noting the problem ever since he took office in 1993, and still the problem remains.

Or maybe it’s being fixed. Read the column and decide for yourself.

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