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Papering Bend

Twas only a matter of time before someone decided to expand on the Bend newspaper scene, and now someone has, with the just-launched Bend Weekly. (Hat tip to Jack Bog’s Blog for the pointer.) Its launch was June 1.

The tone is ambitious (the first editorial was headed, “Bend Weekly Gets to the Heart of Bend’s Local News”), and the paper’s website is loaded with material. The web site at least seems to have a healthy pile of advertisers.

And the mission sounds logical. The editorial signed by Richard Burton II says, “This is precisely the vision of Bend Weekly – keeping journalism local. Who better to report on the topics that concern Bend Residents than the people who live within its neighborhoods?”

So who’s behind it? And how local are they?

The site says its and the paper’s owner is a company called .com endeavors, which turns out to be an advertising agency. (Doesn’t sound like this will be another of those alternative weeklies.) Its “about us” page notes that “The company was founded on the principal [sic] that our core competency was in defining, creating and managing superior marketing and business development solutions.” The paper’s web site says that “Bend Weekly is locally owned and operated by .Com Endeavors, Inc. (DCEi), Bend, OR and is a privately-owned corporation not affiliated with any homeowners association or management group.” Interesting disclaimer language there.

The firm’s corporate filings cite Burton, of the local-journalism editorial, listed as company president of .com endeavors, as living in Eugene. And it cites the corporation’s principal place of business as Reno, Nevada.

Ah well – more voices are always welcome. We’ll be interested to see what this one has to say over the months to come.

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