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Posts published in May 2006

Unlikely to soothe

Could be an easy thing for Senator Maria Cantwell to do. With a clear majority (55% or more in recent poll) among Americans in disapproving - now - of the nation's entry into Iraq and of its ongoing effort there, might be easy for minority senators like Maria Cantwell to "solidify the base", renounce the entry into the war and urge immiedate troop withdrawal.

She han't. Her statement Wednesday on Iraq doubtless was ment to soothe the distressed, but it gives little ground and seems unlikely to do so.

Idaho 1st: One take

Headed toward the finish line a three weeks hence, the six-way Republican race for the the House in Idaho's 1st district appears to continue fluid, its outcome not yet nailed down. The contours for the end game do at least start to take a more definite shape.

Sheila Sorensen billboardThe bottom line seems to be a probable win by either state Representative Bill Sali or former state Senator Sheila Sorensen 9with a small edge to the former). That's not a rule-out of other possibilities, just an expression of what seems now to be the likelihood.

That's based in part on the appearance of activity, the way the candidates have been responding to each other and what looks like the shifts in base that each candidate can call their own.

It isn't much based on the one bit of recently-released polling information - for reasons we're about to mention - though it does give some useful cause for reflection. (more…)