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Posts published in “Day: May 22, 2006”

Errors in the O?

We will be watching to see how the Oregonian responds to the fallout from one of its more striking recent stories - not on politics or even anything very controversial. The story was less broadly significant than the errors in it - if errors they were.

The story was a great read about Mark Provo, a manthematician by inclination (and a sometime teacher professionally) who chucked it all a few years back to live in a motel room at Centralia, Washington, to try to develop a hitherto-elusive proof to a mathematical equation. The story by Tom Hallman was a beauty, a fine read. Problem is that its subject, Provo, says it was riddled with errors, about 30 or so. Which becomes an issue if the reporter involved is a star reporter, a Pulitzer winner, as Hallman is.

The Willamette Week has a piece up about this. Nothing yet in the O. We'll be watching.