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Posts published in “Day: May 21, 2006”

Endorsement roundup

Just a quick note on the Idaho 1st district race: The endorsements are now in, and may be considered.

We're aware of three newspaper endorsements in District 1. On the Republican side, State Controller Keith Johnson got those in southern Idaho, at the Boise Idaho Statesman and the Nampa Idaho Press-Tribune. Sheila Sorensen got one up north, at the Spokane Spokesman-Review. On the Democratic side, Larry Grant (who is only barely challenged in the primary) got all three.

Creating balance

Awhole lot of the premises in our society - the concept of a free market, for one among many - stems from the idea of arms'-length negotiation and agreement: Parties with comparable leverage reaching a deal that works for both. In the real, non-theoretical world, such equation of leverage is relatively uncommon, but we've gotten away from the tools and procedures that could help compensate.

As a boat against the current, then, consider the foster home parents of Washington state. They have had a group organizaton - the Foster Parents Association of Washington State - since 1973. Now they're planning to link with the Washington Federation of State Employees, a labor union, to put a little more muscle behind their efforts.

We'll keep a watch on how this turns out.