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Early returns

The Oregonian has an excellent vote resource for tonight’s elections up at its website. (There’s also an interesting experiment in webcasting going on there, but the connection has an annoying way of cutting in and out.) We’ll be tracking it and other sources this evening. (And, to be noted: We’ll be updating this post several times with results, rather than run a half-dozen new ones as we go.)

On the more hotly-contested Republican side, in the second round, Saxton’s lead continues to hold as Mannix’ percentage drops a bit, partly owing to a strong vote for Atkinson from Jackson County:

Republican Ron Saxton 45.0%
Republican Kevin Mannix 33.4%
Republican Jason Atkinson 15.5%

Saxton’s off to a decent start, and his people are probably just about to kick in the celebrations, but there’s a lot yet to go.

On the Democratic side, second round shows Kulongoski’s lead picking up and heading north of 50% – a psychological line that sorta kinda separates a technical win from an emotional win. A trend seems to show the governor doing best in rural counties, weakest in Marion, Lane and Polk:

Democratic Ted Kulongoski 53.5%
Democratic Jim Hill 27.6%
Democratic Pete Sorensen 18.9%

The conventional wisdom had Saxton winning a strong plurality and Kulongoski flirting around with a majority. Both seem to be meeting or bearing expectations so far.

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