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A subtextual scorecard

With just a short bit remaining before the Oregon polls close, a quick refresher on some of what we might learn before the night is through other than the numbers attached to winners and losers.

And listen up in Idaho and Washington – Oregon, with the first primary of the year, gets to sow some possible lessons for Idaho a week hence and Washington late in the summer.

We can consider the numbers of Democrats and Republicans casting ballots. The highest-profile office on the ballot, governor, has serious contests on both sides. Is one party voting much heavier than the other – and remember, the registration balance between the parties is close.

We can consider how the candidates’ results stack up to the polls – and consider whether the poll numbers reflected an underground surge for one or more candidates. Or whether an underground surge happened.

We can tell pretty quickly the geographical split of the candidates. And in Portland, we should get some good read on attitude in the races for county commission chair, city council and Tri-Met auditor (believe it or note). And there will be a few other local races worth watching.

Just shortly ahead.

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