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Posts published in “Day: May 15, 2006”

Site of note

Many are the candidates who complain that they just don't have enough money. Few are the candidates who take advantage of one of the best low-cost ways of communicating: The web.

One of the most notable Northwest campaign web sites - notable now especially since it may or may not survive next week's primary election - is that of Dennis Mansfield, candidate for the Idaho Senate in West Ada County's District 15. Here's a site showing some of the possibilities of using the web to commicate effectively as a candidate.

There are the usual issue statements, photos, donations opportunities and links, of course, that you find on most campaign sites. Mansfield has a blog, for one thing - no, correct that, several blogs, to cover several areas of the campaign, and there's plenty on them. There's an RSS news feed (this is, to be sure, becoming more commonplace, but still far from universal). He has an electronic image, a banner, that supporters can place on their web sites. He has started communicating directly through a multimedia tool called skype - something approaching a conference, scheduled periodically. There are videos. And more - the site keeps on adding new material, even new media. You're pulled in: you start coming back to see what they're adding next.

None of this had to, or probably did, cost much at all, but it adds up to a lot of ways to reach people, and beyond that to interact as well. A site worthy of your attention as the primary days wind down.