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Posts published in “Day: May 5, 2006”

Choosing questions

Some states, Washington and Oregon for two, develop statewide and localized voter guides which include information about the candidates for office, and information from the candidates - campaign statements and so on - included as well. They can be helpful assists to voting.

Idaho doesn't have such a publication, but it does have this primary season something called the Gem State Voter guide, published by a collection of very conservative groups - Idaho Values Alliance (conservative Christian, led by Bryan Fischer) , Education Excellence Idaho (principally backing charter, private and home school options), Idahoans for Tax Reform (an anti-tax group, led by Laird Maxwell), This House is My Home (another Maxwell group, aimed at undercutting land use planning), and Idaho Chooses Life (anti-abortion, led by David Ripley). Word is that their voter guide will be distributed through churches and allied organizations around Idaho.

What's interesting in these surveys is both the nature of questions asked, and who responds, and how. (more…)