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Posts published in “Day: April 14, 2006”

Going annual

No opposition here to the idea, offered Wednesday by the (Oregon) Public Commission on the Legislature, that Oregon's lawmakers start meeting every year instead of every other year. Oregon is overdue for that change.

Oregon House chambersIt did a nice job too in suggesting the next term as a period of experimentation, allowing for trying out the idea before recommending to the voters that it be locked in place via constitutional amendment.

One of its ideas would put Oregon's legislature on a vastly different track than most others, which around the country almost all begin annually in January or February. The commission's proposal would call for a start in early April. Which might not be a bad idea, but certainly needs some review.

As the commission and legislature run down this road, it may want to consider the pluses and minuses of the annual legislature experience in two neighboring states, Washington and Idaho. (more…)