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Posts published in “Day: April 13, 2006”

Hot, hot, hot

And sometimes a news story doesn't really carry any larger freight, but it becomes so overwhelming that some sort of commentary becomes necessary anyway. The scandal surrounding Portland's former police chief, Derrick Foxworth, has little intrinsic importance: It looks like another case of an overenergetic executive doing something stupid, and getting caught at it, and proobably paying the price. (He's technically still on paid leave, but the pretense probably will not last long.)

Derrick FoxworthThe basics, for those outside the Portland metro area (practially all those inside already know), mainly concern Foxworth's relationship with Angela Oswalt, a civilian employed in the Portland Police Bureau and at times under Foxworth's supervision, and which now has led to a lawsuit filed by her against the city. The two agree they had an "intense" relationship a few years before he was named chief; they disagree about a number of details. She has produced a volume of e-mails and recounted other conversations with Foxworth, in fine-grain technicolor. Much of this has made the rounds around Portland, especially in its cop shops. The e-mail (whose provenance evidently hasn't been nailed yet) in which Foxworth writes about his "hot chocolate body" apparently has been a favorite. Odwalt also has said that she has felt threatened by Foxworth.

That, and the fallout (Foxworth is on leave, but his "interim" replacement started her first day acting like a permanent replacement), is basically the whole story. Except for the meta-story. (more…)

Taking it personal

This appears not to have hit the wires yet in Oregon, though it has in Arizona: The Associated Press is reporting that Republican State Representative Jeff Kropf
(rural Marion and Linn Counties) isn't just taking a policy position on immigration.

Jeff KropfHe's aiming to do some enforcing - according to the report, "flying his own plane on patrols along the border."

The report said that "Kropf, a grass seed farmer and host of a weekend radio talk show in Portland, arrived in Arizona on Monday. He says he didn't time his trip as a counterprotest to the demonstrations against tougher immigration policies. He says he's just passionate about immigration because of the impact on jobs, national security, drug policy and disease control."

His campaign website doesn't make mention of his Arizona trip (where a variety of topics were opinionated on, but immigration didn't seem to show up). Nor was there anything evident on the KXL web site. As they say, developing . . .

The garage that wasn’t an emergency

Boise air terminalCall it a win for an open public process, and a blow at the backdoor rubberstamping of important public decisions. The Idaho Supreme Court decision out today in City of Boise v. David Frazier has some important implications for the cozy approach to financing many governments - not just in Boise and not just in Idaho, by any means - have been adopting in recent years.

The constitutional principle was that the people should only be asked for spent a large chunk of money, or be obligated to debt, if they give a very strong approval; that is why bonds often carry a two-thirds voter approval requirement. Whether those limits are at the appropriate settings is a matter for reasonable discussion. But many public officials, feeling they are too onerous, are certainly not right in finding back doors and alternative approaches. Which is what they have been doing. (more…)