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A testimonial of character, with annotation

Herewith (thanks again to the Betsy Russell Boise blog), a commentary by the Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives, Bruce Newcomb, whose ascension to that position eight years ago and retention since has owed much to his his easy-going personality and broad friendships; providing testimonial upon the character of his fellow Republican state representative, Bill Sali, currently the front-runner for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House in District 1:

“That idiot is just an absolute idiot…He doesn’t have one ounce of empathy in his whole frickin’ body, and you can put that in the paper.”


No, that certainly didn’t just materialize out of nowhere.

Yes, the irony is that it constitutes catnip for the Sali campaign.

Useful additional reading may be found in today’s Dan Popkey column in the Idaho Statesman.

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