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But not mouth-washing with soap

For all the multitude of laws, rules and regulations under which we all live, there are still some things which, though considered wrong or improper, are things which most of us simply don’t do. Call it courtesy, or even just socialization.

There’s one few now in Tacoma, with the passage of Resolution 36796, necessitated by a council member who Went Too Far.

He was Councilman Tom Stenger, who – speaking at a work session some weeks back – got angry and used the “f” word, directed at another council member. That led to a reaction, of course, as council members – apparently including Stenger, who has since apologized – concluded that something should be on the books to deal with such occurrances.

Thus the new resolution, passed Tuesday, which remarkably wasn’t a real overreaction. It simply banned “contemptuous or disorderly behavior” at meetings. Maybe a little more remarkably, it also included sanctions against council members.

Go too far, and the rules will kick in.

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