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Pressed out

Eventually, the piling on got to be serious enough to get results.

So anyway would read the logical conclusion of Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski’s reversal on debates. At first, it sounded as if he wouldn’t be debating at all through this year’s election cycle (though he probably never said that explicitly). Then came the slithered-out word that he would, yes, participate in one multi-candidate gathering. Now comes word that he will appear in two of them, and April 6 and April 11.

His staff made the point that these will be more visible and widely-seen debates which will held closer to voting time, when voters will be paying more attention. Okay. But the word previously was that he wouldn’t be participating in primary debates, which means something changed.

The story coming out of the recent debates, as much as anything, has been the governor’s absence from them (and in a couple of cases, the loss of what might have been endorsements from significant organizations). That’s a persistent negative story, and it behooved the governor to cut his losses.

So they don’t show up for debates? This is how you get them to show up for debates . . .

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