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Jaws dropping

There’s this much anyhow: You never would have picked this out as the possible new slogan for Washington state.


Some state slogans actually do stick in the mind and have some branding utility: “Super, Natural” British Columbia and “Things Look Different Here” in Oregon c0me to mind. Somehow, Washington’s new catch-phrase doesn’t seem to have quite that kind of quality:

SayWA. (Coupled with, at times, “This is the sound of jaws dropping.” Or, “This is the noise happy muscles make.”)

Of course, the immediate response is: Say what? Yes, all right, it’s a play off that phrase – but was that a really good idea? And yes, there is an obscure language in South America in which “saywa” means “landmark.” And that point is …?

In the Seattle Times online poll, 79% said of the slogan, “Are you kidding? It’s lame.”

Then there was the comment from a major regional tourism businessman, Darrell Bryan, general manager of Victoria Clipper: “Thirty-five years ago I smoked dope and probably could have come up with something like that.”

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