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More on the ports

Won’t be piling on, but this comment on the Dubai ports issue is particularly striking coming as it does from the member of Congress recently rated as the most conservative Republican in the Northwest.

Cathy McMorrisThat would be freshman Representative Cathy McMorris, who generally has been a Bush Administration supporter. But not on its ports proposal. Her statement:

“One of my top priorities is to ensure our national security and I am greatly concerned with the President and the Administration’s decision to move ahead with this deal that impacts several of our biggest and busiest ports in the U.S.,” said McMorris. “Ever since September 11th, our country has had a heightened awareness in national security issues. Our ports play a large role in our nation’s economy and we must ensure they remain protected.”

“I remain disappointed with the President’s firm stance on this issue and believe we must take a hard look at it before moving forward. It is appropriate for Congress to ask questions, further examine any potential security risks, and gain a firm understanding of any consequences associated with this deal.”

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