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The 2005 NW Influencers

Ridenbaugh Press has been publishing lists of influential people for close to a decade now, and our latest list – three lsts of 25 influencers of change in their states – are now available here.

Be sure to note, though, how we use the term “influence” for purposes of these lists. That may help save you some puzzlement as you come across the names of people whose impact may be a little subtle.

And be sure to make your way back here, and leave all the comments you like. (Trust me – if you’re interested in the Northwest at all, you’ll have comments.)

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One Comment

  1. jsimonis jsimonis January 3, 2006

    Some of them were pretty obvious, such as Minnis. She held quite a bit of control this past year. I don’t think the gov deserved to be on the list, since he had very little influence and held very little power. Many of the things he pushed for never made it through the legislature.

    Some of the people they picked didn’t seem like they should have been on the list. It almost seemed like they just did some searches for news stories and picked some names.

    It just seems like there were other people who could have been picked as Influencers for Oregon.

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