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Rebellion in the ranks

Not sure what it was exactly that prompted Idaoh Senator Larry Craig to push with such determination on revision of the Patroit Act, but he now has gotten as solid on this issue as on any he has undertaken.

The difference here being, he is charging – hard – against an administration of his own party, which he has loyally supported.

The initial push-back in this region against the sweeping PATROIT Act was by fellow Idaho delegation Representative “Butch” Otter. But with Otter headed out of Congress, Craig seems to have picked up the standard. he is now one of six senators (two other Republicans, Sununu and Murkowski, and three Democrats, Durbin, Feingold and Salazar – a well-balanced group) pushing for scaleback instead of simple renewal. In alternative, they have backed something called the SAFE Act, which keeps some of the PATRIOT’s provisions but eliminates some of the most controversial impingements on civil liberties. The House hasn’t been of like mind, and the measure seemingly emerging from a conference committee is more House-like (and Bush-like) than SAFE-like.

The response of the six: “”The conference report, in its current form, is unacceptable. There is still time for the conference committee to step back and agree to the Senate’s bipartisan approach. If the conference committee doesn’t do that, we will fight to stop this bill from becoming law.”

This could get interesting.

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