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Strip club measurements

As a matter of politics, you’d think that strip clubs fall onthe minority side of the equation – a form of business that, if voters had the option of simply voting away, would be voted out.

And maybe so. But now comes the Seattle Citizens for Free Speech, which seeks to overturn by initiative the Seattle City Council’s restrictive new strip club ordinances in favor of looser regulation, with what it says are 27,138 petition signatures and more to come – well over twice the number needed to force the election.

That they were able to do this, to generate such substantial numbers so fast, is impressive. In what is likely, then, to be a de facto referendum on strip clubs, should we automatically assume the clubs will lose? And what implications might we draw from that, even if the city in question is Seattle?

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer this morning started a sound-off comment page on the subject, which at the moment has drawn three comments – all on the side of the strip clubs. One referred to the “Taliban-like” council, and another noted, “I do not frequent strip clubs, but I have to object to the defacto closing of the business. I suppose they wanted to have the dancers in full head- to-toe garments that were made of metal or pvc, in order to quell the “immoral fires” being put off my both patron and employee. I think it is safe to say that every patron and employee is aware of the “sexiness” of a STRIP CLUB and what goes on there. This rule is ridiculous and they should be left alone.”

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