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Public affairs and more, based in the Northwest. Since 1988.
The people, politics, economy, environment - all about the Northwest, is our concern.
We track water rights policy, law, supply and litigation issues from coast to coast.
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Idaho Yearbook/Directory 2001
The Idaho Yearbook-Directory 2001
is the most complete annual reference book about any state in the country.

"The indispensable roadmap to Idaho." - Martin Trillhaase, editorial page editor, Idaho Falls Post Register

"The best place to start if you really want to understand politics in Idaho." - J.D. Williams, state controller

The political bible of Idaho. For anyone who truly wants to understand this state's politics, it's a must." State Sen. Evan Frasure

What's in it
The Idaho Yearbook Directory 2001 covers it all for anyone who wants to know about Idaho. The table of contents to the right (yes, all these areas really are covered in the Yearbook-Directory gives you an idea of its scope ...

  • GOVERNMENT From federal to local, and lots of the many other organizations (interest groups, businesses, news media) that affect Idaho. Here you'll find all the key people, addresses, phone numbers, and background: what you should know before you write or call.
  • BUSINESS All the players in Idaho's dynamic economy: who they are, how to reach them, and what they're all about. You'll find background and analysis, in some cases from the organization itself, and sometimes background they'd just as soon you not know.
  • MEDIA The best media directory in Idaho, with the names of reporters and editors, background of who owns what, internal developments and changes, the kind of news each organization covers, and what coverage area each one has.
  • ORGANIZATIONS From neighborhood associations to regional organizations to philanthropic foundations, you'll find them all here.
  • PEOPLE The Yearbook/Directory is Idaho's leading connection to people - thousands of people involved in many ways, in many levels, in Idaho. We list the 100 most influential people in Idaho and a contact and descriptive list of more than 1,500 public Idahoans - officials, activists, public people of all types. Heard a name and can't p[lace it? Step right up ...
  • PLACES Passing through a part of Idaho you don't know thoroughly? The Yearbook/Directory is your guide to county by county and city by city discussions of what makes the area tick - and what's happening there now.
    Independent Analysis
    But there's much more. The Yearbook/Directory goes beyond giving you the facts: it also puts them in perspective.
    We tell you the story behind Idaho's elected officials, governments and districts - the history, the background, what people are saying. When you need to deal with an Idaho business or government, you'll have all the information you need - not just the "public" facts but the "private" ones as well.
    Exclusive Lists
  • Idaho's Influential 100 Quoted and referred to statewide, this list tells you who's really who in Idaho. The 100 most influential people in Idaho in rank order - as ranked by a survey of knowledgeable Idahoans from across the state. This is our third Influential 100 list.
  • 100 Influential Businesses & Organizations The businesses and other non-governmental organizations that have biggest impact on Idaho - in rank order, and developed with the help of a panel of top state economists.
  • Size rankings We rank the state's largest cities, law firms, library systems, hospitals, newspapers, non-profit foundations and much more - giving you a much clearer sense of where everything fits into place.
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  • About the author
    Sample pages (pdf format)
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    Federal/Legislative (Congress)
    Local/Unincorporated Areas
    Local/School Districts
    Local/Highway Districts
    Local/Special Districts

    Term Limits
    Interest Groups/Lobbyists

    100 Influential Businesses & Organizations


    Idaho State Bar
    Law Firms
    Corporate Counsel
    SRBA Attorneys
    Smaller Firms of Note

    Health in Idaho
    Hospitals and health centers

    Private Colleges
    Private Schools

    Agriculture/Food Processing

    Meeting Groups
    Senior Centers
    Neighborhood Associations
    Morning Gathering Spots

    Internet Service Providers

    News & Media
    Wire Service
    Daily Newspapers
    Weekly Newspapers

    Top News Stories 2000
    Idaho Chronology 2000
    Idaho Calendar 2001
    Idaho's Influential 100
    Public Idahoans

    The Idaho Yearbook/Directory 2000
    PRICE: $29.95
    The Idaho Yearbook/Directory (450 pages, published January 2000) is the only comprehensive guide to Idaho in 1999.
    You've probably heard about our exclusive lists of the 100 most influential Idahoans and 100 most influential Idaho businesses - developed specifically each year for the Yearbook-Directory.
    But there's much, much more. You'll find detailed background analysis and data about Idaho's office holders from the U.S. Senate to state legislators and to city councils and school boards. We tell you what's happening in Idaho's counties, cities and other districts. We provide the most comprehensive listing and analysis of Idaho's interest groups, news media, businesses and more. You'll find photos of many of the leading Idahoans of 1999. There's a chronology of what happened in Idaho in 1998, day by day, and a calendar of Idaho events in the year to come. And there's a list of 2,000 Public Idahoans - office holders, movers and shakers and others involved in the making of this great state - information about who they are and how to get in touch with them.

    The Idaho Political Almanac
    Just about all you'd want to know about public affairs in the Gem State, statewide down to every precinct. Only a few left of each edition.
    REDUCED PRICES for a limited time! 1996 edition price $20.95;
    1994, 1992 and 1990 editions $14.95.
    Paradox Politics: People and Power in Idaho
    The Idaho bestseller! 350 pages covering the who, how and why of political Idaho. Published in 1988. Limited number left!
    PRICE: still only $10.95 (while the dwindling supplies last).
    SRBA: The First 10 Years
    The only reference book to the water rights case that covers almost nine-tenths of Idaho and will redefine the state's future! 200 pages.
    PRICE: Still only $24.95 (while supplies last).
    The National Water Rights Digest
    Since 1994, the only national roundup dedicated to water rights: policy, legislation, regulation, litigation, sales, marketing and supply. Monthly, 8 pages with subscriber access to a wide range of web text and documents.
    $129 per year for print edition (with free electronic edition option)
    $99 per year for HTML/e-mail edition.
    The Snake River Basin Adjudication Digest
    Since 1993, the independent source for information about Idaho's biggest lawsuit, the water rights case that will reshape the state ad many lives and livelihoods. Monthly, 4 pages with subscriber access to additional text and documents on this web site.
    $129 per year for print edition (with free electronic edition option)
    $99 per year for HTML/e-mail edition.
    The Idaho Public Affairs Digest
    What makes Idaho tick? Here's the answer - the look behind and beyond the headlines that gives you an unvarnished look at what's happening in Idaho, including the stuff no one else seems to want to say (or has a special interest in saying). Monthly, 8 pages with subscriber access to additional text and documents on this web site.
    $48 per year for print edition (with free electronic edition option)
    $39 per year for HTML/e-mail edition.

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    Idaho residents please add 5% sales tax.
    Please add $2 shipping costs for each book.


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